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'Araluen' Droughtmaster Stud

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The Shannon family welcomes you to our 720 acre 'Araluen' - committed to over 80 breeding cattle that are conditioned, hardy, grass fed, hormone free with all the desirable Droughtmaster characteristics.
Breeding pedigree cattle for the improvement and promotion of the industry is both our aims.


Bill and Sue Shannon established 'ARALUEN' in 2001 at Bilyana near Cardwell in Far North Queensland and run approximately 80 Droughtmaster breeders.
The females are sourced from nearby 'Wallacevale' and 'Leverdale' Studs and from 'Euluma Stud, Julatten, 'Pitt Stud', Ravenshoe, Pott's 'Burnfoot Stud', Collinswood, 'Kel-Lee Stud', Malanda, 'Amavale Stud', Barambah, and 'Katandra Stud', Hughenden - amongst others.
Bulls have been sourced from 'Euluma', 'Burnfoot' and 'Kel-Lee' Studs to date.
The pinnacle aim of 'ARALUEN' is to establish a name and reputation for conditioned, hardy, grass fed, hormone free cattle, which maintain condition while exhibiting all the desirable Droughtmaster characterics.
Bill and Sue are working on a pasture improvement programme using microbes applied in liquid form, instead of the granular fertilizers. Convincing results and on-going soil tests will monitor the promising outcomes while the fortified molasses supplement is fed out to the cattle every four to five days, supplied from nearby Tully Mill.
Our committment to promotion of the breed keeps us very active in the Droughtmasters Breeders Society.
So have a look around at our excellent cattle and get back to us if we can be of any assistance.

'Araluen' Droughtmaster Stud
Bill Shannon

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'Araluen' - Conditioned, Hardy, Grass Fed, Hormone Free Cattle with all Droughtmaster Characteristics