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Cassowary Coast News History Articles

Rare and Out-of-Print Local History Books Required
Donations for new HIstory Section of Mission Beach Community Arts Centre sought.
Anyone having copies of these valuable local history books who wish to donate for the Historical Library please contact Peter Kellett 4088 6430.


Trinity Phoenix
History of Cairns
Dorothy Jones


Clump Point & District
Constance Mackness


A Drifferent Drummer
EJ Banfield


Cardwell Shire History
Dorothy Jones


Further Confessions of The Beachcomber
EJ Banfield


Hurricane Lamps and Blue Umbrellas
Dorothy Jones


The Confessions of a Beachcomber (1908)
EJ Banfield


Last Leaves from Dunk Island (1925)
EJ Banfield


Lots of Red Spiders
Life of Stanley Mackay _ Pioneer of Modern Banana Industry in North Queensland
Alan Corcoran


Gods Own Country
Delia Birchley


St Clares Parish School
125th Anniversary Booklet


Cyclone Larry
Tales of Survival


Radient Green
Story of HA Noone - Pionner of Innisfail
Mena Fallon


Wheels in Motion
Andrew K Roberts


The Innisfail Tramway
John Armstrong & GH Verhoeven


Up The Palmerston
Story of Cairns Hinterland Up To 1920
Mike Rimmer


Mission Beach State School
50th Anniversary

Yes, we know there are many, many more books out there that cover some part of our local history.
Please submit titles here and pics if you have.


Hearts Full of Hope
Italian Pioneers of Tully


Girroo Gurrell
The First Surveyor and othe aboriginal stories
CJ Henry

My Tropic Island (1910)
EJ Banfield

Tropic Days (1918)
EJ Banfield


Mission Beach Elmo the Orphan Cassowary Book

Cassowary Elmo
follows Glissandra the Glider

            Children's author and teacher Pamela Galeano has written a picture book about cassowaries following the success of her book about mahogany gliders, Glissandra the Glider.


            Elmo the Orphan was inspired by events that happened following the official release of an actual orphaned cassowary called Elmo into rainforest on the Galeano farm at Lower Tully.


            The heart-warming story is beautifully illustrated by Christine Jenkins of Tully Heads.  Her life-long connection with the wildlife of the Cassowary Coast is evident as she adds detail to highlight the humour in the story.


            As children enjoy Elmo's adventures, Pam and Christine are happy they will be learning about one of our special wildlife treasures. 


Pamela A Galeano Phone - 07 40 669 240
Email - 

Innisfail River Reflections Book

“River Reflections”
Local historian and author, Peter Kellett, recently launched his book "River Reflections" which tells the tales of the tiles on 8 panels along Innisfail's riverfront. This artwork was completed in 1999 by local artists under the direction of Sam di Mauro.
This book gives substance to the stories depicted in the tiles and gives depth to the history and events of the local area.
Copies of “River Reflections” are available from Innisfail and Tully Information Centres and Council Libraries – cost $17.00

History of Queensland communities online


On 29 November at the Community Cabinet meeting at Forest Lake, the Premier officially launched It’s an exciting new public website with over 1,100 illustrated entries on all the cities, towns, suburbs and villages in Queensland that now have or once had populations of 500 or more., developed by The University of Queensland with the support of the Queensland Government, is a great new educational resource for teachers, students, family historians, and visitors to Queensland. The site contains more than 5000 historic photographs, postcards, colour slides and other illustrations.

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