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Cassowary Coast News

Mission Beach Aquatic Festival 21 Years 1984-2005

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The First 4 Years
Compiled from Innisfail Advocate & Tully Times

From go to whoa! in four years, the Mission Beach Aquatic Festival’s fabulous entrance in 1984, into the busy festival season of October in the Johnstone/Cardwell area, to its almost closure in 1987 when 2,000 drug and alcohol rioters terrorized the sleepy village, makes a fascinating introduction to the twenty-one years of one of the most successful festivals of this region. It almost didn’t make it past its fourth year.


In 2005 the Festival celebrated its 21st year with the Mad Hatter's Tea Party Aquatic Festival with fishy creatures substituting for Alice-in-Waterland's tea party guests. It was another success!


Here is the first four years history but if you would like the full 21 years then make enquiries here.

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