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2 NEW Local DVDs - $25 each
Available Mission Beach Visitors Information Centre
Tully Visitors Information Centre
"Hearts Full of Hope" Italian Pioneers Book Launch - February 2008
40 min
"Mission Beach Aquatic Festival 2004 - 20th Anniversary"
40 min
Available Mission Beach Visitors Information Centre and Tully Visitors Information Centre or send cheque, money order to Cassowary Coast News 26 Bingil Bay Road, Bingil Bay 4852 stating quantity required
($25 inclusive of postage and handling)


"Hearts Full of Hope" Book Launch February 2008
40 min dvd of book launch at Tully Country Club by Italian Pioneers of Tully District Committee.
Cake cutting, speeches, presentations, singing, Italian community at play and respect, more ...
Promo video - 3 mins Click Here


"Mission Beach Aquatic Festival 2004 - 20th Anniversary"
40 min dvd 2 days - Parade, auction, dancing, fireworks, tinnie races, Iron Boys, Girls, Maidens and Men, beach races, parachute jumping, lolly drop, sand castles, more ...
7 min promo click here!

Produced by Cassowary Coast News

It seems people are having difficulty in downloading these videos once they are on It depends on your computer download speed (dial-up vs dsl, etc.)
Press Pause on the loading video and allow pre-loading for 2 mins or so. This will advance the video (red) then pull 'film speed tab' back to start from beginning. Once you have downloaded and played it once it should be in your computer's memory for quicker playing next time.


Market Day 16th March 2008

Sound and video of Light Horse
Hear the story of the Battle of El Arish and why El arish is so named! It all has to do with Light Horse!
Pat Morrish of ABC Far North interviewed Cassowary Coast News  Peter Kellett about the origins of the 1922 soldier settlement off the Bruce Highway, El Arish or LA to locals.
Then have a look at a Light Horse operation at Beersheba, another prominent battle towards Jerusalem in WWI. Marvel at the discipline!
For those officenados there is the classic Errol Flynn "Charge of the Light Brigade" from 1936. Enjoy and remember Chris is looking for honourable teens and men, who can ride at a gallop and pick tent pegs out of the ground. We will follow this amazing team!
Download Battle of El Arish first (Sound - Allow a 30 sec download time)

Battle of El Arish Story

The Battle of Beersheba - A Charge 1917 10 min
Classic - Charge of the Light Brigade (Errol Flynn 1936) 10 min

Dance Works
An amazing tap dance routine Edit Picture
"El Festa dell' Emigrante"
Italian Dinner Dance
One of three Dinner Dances held by Innisfail Italian Community. A fabulous night to enjoy Italian hospitality - what delicious food and cakes and atmosphere. The dancers from Dance Works were excellent and so were the musicians.
Last Saturday night 8th March 2008 at Wangan Community Hall. Another superb night out seeing how others entertain themselves in the FNQ! Next one in June 2008 and the Christmas one in December. 10 mins

"Real Local"
Street Fiesta Video
2nd February 2008 Edit Text

Salsa Mania School of Dance
Edit Picture

Shop local promotion Innisfail's Street Fiesta with artists, singers, dancers, entertainers. Initiative of Innisfail Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

ccnseacritters.jpg Edit Picture

Sea Critters Board Launch
Mission Beach Artists Gallery
6 min 15 sec
16th February 2008
Launch of school holiday project to create amazing magnetic sea critters at Mission Beach Artists Gallery, funded by Arts Queensland and Johnstone Shire Council through their RADF Committee.

Noisy Pitta
Photo: Phil Bender

Launch of Adrian Walker's book -

Cowley Beach Australia Day Party

Cowley Beach celebrated its first Australia Day at the Defence Force Establishment with thong throwing, 'fly' fishing and other activities. Video 4.40 min

A small local event but significant otherwise for community involvement and patriotism

christian.gif Edit Picture

Edit TextFor 60 years at Kurrimine Beach the small 6 to 700 Greek Orthodox community celebrate the Epithany with a Liturgical Mass followed by the traditional Throwing of the Cross. This happened Sunday 13th January 2008.

Single men and women dive for the cross at Kurrimine Beach after the priest has tossed it, either from a boat or on land, and the retriever of the Cross receives a small replica and good fortune for twelve months.

If the Cross is not retrieved, goes an old superstition, then the Priest will die. Have a look! 4 Honours. Wow!


Art Deco Society Dance April 2007 - Dance at conclusion of Ninth International Art Deco Society conference at Prahran Town Hall, Melbourne in April 2007. These international guests had the time of their life! 3 min

Santa Claus
Mission Beach Christmas Carols

Mission Beach Christmas Carols - Christmas Carols in tropical Far North Queensland at Mission Beach State School with local choirs and excellent soloist performers and, of course, Santa arriving in summer. Merry Christmas! 10 min

Apprentice & Trainee Awards

Cairns Apprentice and Trainee Awards 2007 - Presentation pf Encouragement Award to Belinda Prentice, Manager, Visitors Information Centre, Mourilyan for Johnstone Shire Council. 7 min

Mission Beach Natural & Cultural Values

Mission Beach Natural and Cultural Values - Launch of 3 significant reports on Mission Beach - Biodiversity, Indigenous Cultural significance and aesthetic/lifestyle values.

Tully Bowhunters

13th October 2007 - 6 min video
"yeeeeeehhhaaaaaaa go tully! that was a top shoot. this will probalbly get bad mouthed by the yanks like everything else on youtube website, but top effort mate. thank you for bringing tully bowhunters onto the net. cheers."

Feast of Three Saints

Feast of Three Saints 2005 - 10 min video promo of 20 min production



World Youth Day

17th September 2007
Cross & Icon Arrival
El Arish Visit
10 min Video ...


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Cassowary Coast
Fly-over Innisfail, climb top of Bartle Frere, Drag Race South Johnstone, check out Babinda, Tully, Paronella Park, skydive Mission Beach and lots more!
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Tonnes of videos have been posted on the internet and here are a selection that were taken by various filmakers about the Cassowary Coast area. If you have any links or movies please submit.

Age Of Consent (1969) - Helen Mirren & James Mason
"Age of Consent" is from a novel by artist Norman Lindsay and holds all the 1960s passion of his "Sirens". It was filmed on the Great Barrier Reef at Dunk Island and starred James Mason and Helen Mirren.
Here in 12 parts is the movie. From this first part just follow prompts in right-hand corner for part 2, etc, etc.
Does anyone remember the film being made? - please comment here.
(8 mins approx)

Golly and worker digging holes for plants
ARF Daintree

Under the working banner 'Operation Big Bird' the Foundation plans to create a 250km wildlife corridor along Australia's Wet Tropical Rainforest coast in the State of Queensland.

Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders - 35 sec




"Big Dreamers" Tully Gumboot idea 10 min of the 55 min documentary

Bingil Bay Baldies
World's Greatest Shave
These brave Bingil Baylians raised $8,500 towards the Leukemia Foundation. Thanks Catherine, Donna, Kelly and Tanya and all the other colour-haired supporters.
Good work and excellent fun - check out the 7 min video (Viewed 2,900 times since 17th March 2008)
Many local businesses donated goods that were auctioned on the day and a sausage sizzle held. There was generous support for this cause and everyone had a fun relaxed family morning out.




Animal Creation

Creation of animals and traditional healing of snake bites Aboriginal Darragun College students from around Cairns - 7 min

Cyclone Damage

Cyclone and Reef Damage - In March 2006 Tropical Cyclone Larry, a severe category 5 storm, most heavily damaged Feather Reef, Ellison Reef and Taylor Reef which lie between Tully and Innisfail. Up to 30% of the corals on these reefs were damaged. 2min 30 sec

Dugong, seacow, manetee

The dugong, or seacow, is related to the manatee that is found in Florida and the Amazon. You can easily tell them apart by the shape of the tail, the dugong's tail is forked. He is cute, munching away at the seagrass and coming up for air every few minutes. 4 min

Dunk Island

Dunk Island from Mission Beach January 2007 - 2 min




Beautiful Etty Bay along the Beach

Etty Bay 360' views Zoom In and Out



Fire Twirling

Fire Twirling - 15 sec

Flying Fish Point along River

Flying Fish Point Innisfail along the river 360' views Zoom In & Out



Flying Fish Point On the Point

Flying Fish Point Innisfail On the Point 360' views Zoom In & Out


Cassowary Lantern

Girrigun Festival Dance Parade October 2007 - 10 min
Girrigun Festival Lanterns October 2007 - 10 min

Fly over Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Fly over and underwater. Said to be the worlds largest living structure and the only one visible from outer space, the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2000 kilometres and is home to tens of thousands of species of brilliantly coloured fish, coral and other marine life including whales, dolphins and turtles. 1 min 45 sec

Mt Bowen from Hinchinbrook

Hinchinbrook Island Resort 360' views Zoom In & Out

Hinchinbrook Island mangrove everglades of Missionary Bay, with the spectacular 1142m high Mount Bowen in the background 360' views Zoom In & Out

Johnstone River Fly-over

Innisfail and Johnstone Rivers Fly-over - 50 sec

Innisfail Audi RS4 Drag Race against old Holden ute - 45sec

Innisfail Banana Farmer - 1 min 45 sec

Innisfail Croc Farm Gregory the crocodile - 40 sec

Innisfail on banks of Johnstone River - 360' views Zoom In & Out

Innisfail Corner of Edith and Rankin St showing Canecutter Court 360' views Zoom In & Out

Johnstone River Fly-by, East Innisfail - 30 secs

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls - 45 sec



Mission Beach Sky-dive

Mt Bartle Frere Peak

Mount Bartle Frere Hike, 1622m Highest peak in Queensland September 2007 - 2 min



Mount Bowen

Mount Bowen climb to top - Hinchinbrook Island 1121m - Highest peak.Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Cardwell and Halifax townships - 5 min 20 sec

Function Room - Mud Brick Manor

Mud Brick Manor Courtyard - Cardwell 360' views Zoom In & Out

Mud Brick Manor Function Room - Cardwell 360' views Zoom In & Out



Cowboys Send-off


Paronellla Park at Night

Paronella Park - Keiko plays the theme to Laputa "Castle in the Sky" on her Soprano Sax - 1 min 45 sec

Paronella Park by Night - 1 min


South Johnstone

South Johnstone - In the Bin Production June 2007 - 1 min 15 sec

South Johnstone's diesel sugar cane train climbs Pin Gin Hill, west of Innisfail September 2007 with sugar cane from Nerada - 1 min 15 sec


Dunk Island - The Horizon

The Horizon Resort Reception/Lounge - Mission Beach 360' views Zoom In & Out

The Horizon Resort Pool & Island Views - Mission Beach 360' views Zoom In & Out



Tully Water Rafting

Tully River White water rafting August 2007 - 3 min



Violet Shift

"Violet Shift" - local Innisfail band




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