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FNQ Place Names

BAYVIEW HEIGHTS: Named in 1947 and offering good views to the sea, the area was aptly named Bayview when subdivided in 1947.

BENTLEY PARK: This area was originally settled by Isaac Abraham Hartill, an immigrant from the UK. He named his property after his family home, Bentley Hall, in England.

EDMONTON: Edmonton began as Hambledon Estate, a group of Sugar Cane Plantations selected in 1883 by Thomas Swallow on behalf of various family members. Originally known as Hambledon, then Hambledon Junction, it became Edmonton in 1914 when, at the suggestion of a local Plantation owner, John Dear, it was renamed as Edmonton after Dear’s birthplace in England.

The original name Hambledon came from Thomas Swallow who was a member of the well known family of Biscuit Makers in England. He was born at Hambledon, a village near the City of Reading in England, and he named his Plantations after his birthplace.

MOUNT PETER: Reportedly named after Peter Rasmussen a European settler who arrived in Cairns circa 1897

MOUNT SHERIDAN: Named on the 17th October 1873 after Brinsley Guise Sheridan, a public servant (Police Magistrate, Cardwell in 1873) by George Elphinstone Dalrymple (1826-1876) a public servant, explorer and politician.

WHITE ROCK: White Rock was originally a railway station named after a nearby rock feature. First subdivided in 1948, and named after the mountain behind the suburb. Also known as Jirriwanday, in the Yidinyji Language.

WOREE: The area was originally known as Four Mile – the distance from the centre of Cairns. Until June 1909 the railway station was known as Pryns Station after William Pryn who owned a hotel in this location on the banks of Gordon Creek. Re-named by the Railway Department circa 1914 from an Aboriginal name meaning ‘piccaninny’ or child. The likely spelling should have been Wurree, the Aboriginal word for child who likes to dabble in shallow water.

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